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did you know?

these five demons on  top of the roofs

called onigawara

looking away in each direction

originally inspired from Medusas in architecture, where it was believed that putting a frightening object would ward off evil spirits


Medusa was placed at the entrance of a house, but

onigawara was placed at a place, where people prayed for the safety of their homes

like Medusa,

Onigawara and other scary spirits,

they were




by trends

changed their teeth

changed their face



eyes, nose, lips


more beautiful

wavy curly hair


smooth white

people change its form as they like it


how long will last it this time

how long will be

western beauty superior to

unique kind of beauty

in this time of period?


please visit the temple

please enter the temple

we are eager to get a temple

visit and pray for us

so that we can be remembered enough


if more people visit,

we can gain more strength and memory


well, it is ok

at least one person remembers us

that prevents us to disappear


our shape can change if you want us to

but our souls won't


we will watch above you and reflect

on the situation happening here

and around you


-from the roof

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