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in one world different stories of demons exists


there are this kind of demons called dokkebi

neither bad nor good

they love to drink

eager to love and to be loved

they love humor and pranks

and challenging humans they love so much


curious about them so

imitating them

and wants to communicate with them


so that is why in normal soiety the demon got a bad reputition.

the lovers doesnt like

getting their lovers away

when demons drink they get crazy and loud

they dont like some outsider imitating them

they just dont feel to play games with them

demons creating 1kg drawings


demons creating squares

so many squares

many squares in a row.

squares inside people

oh look !

now it tries to put the fruit with its bulky hands very carefully


turning 45degrees left

a litte bit

pointing to a certain location

ah, it failed

the fruits drop down, its raining fruit in the corner of squares



square squares

Too many squares.


The world is divided and

places are made

observing people in their daily life,

demons finds treasure in human daily life

creating souvenirs of it and


trying to be like them

trying to communicate with them

trying to say that we are different but same

Demon was interested in matsuri, because they love human and games.

So one of demon see the future of matsuri, it recognized that the matsuri will do without viewers.


, as they can use the empty place for their festival.

Normally, human use the place for their own, but finally demons get the place where they can use good place for they can make loud and rampage that feel with human traces.

It seems that the demon has hidden his work. Is it very important? Is it alcohol or some kind of plan to capture the hearts of people? Or is it a treasure that we don't know about yet?

touch touch

touch the object

touch touch touch

in this story the demon is created like this

but no one dares to touch and use the object


the demons vanish

the atmosphere vanish

the space

the place


we dont believe in demons anymore

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