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the blue fire has different names and stories

at the same time


will o the wisp


dokkebi bul


ignis fatuus

also in science

it is explained as

oxidation of

PH3 P2H4 CH4 and names it :



sometimes it is fire from the demons

sometimes it is fire to protect from demons


did you come here because you saw a blue fire?

if you lost the orientation

please remember “never (with)out soap washing”


you certainly liked to be alone

people treated you like one of them


this place is getting lost

in the triangle of the demons

it doesn't exist in any map

but exist in the mouthes of fishermen


try to find a way


A direction



Everywhere signs and symbols

New horizon


Alps. Can you see them?

Ah! That's not the Alps, here is Japan!

So that's Mount Fuji.


come back to reality

to this framed space

a place of authority

this place is a sacred one

see the different heights (level)of the grounds?

if entering follow its rules:


the side door should be pushed to the left side

by the left hand first 2/3rd and

the right hand afterward the remaining



the host has to sit on the floor in this position

sitting down with both legs

set at about a 180-degree angle and both

femurs on both lower legs.

and keep one hand on the lap

all the time


A hand brushed hanging scroll should be displayed in the alcove.

Usually, seasonal flowers

usually picked up on that day

displayed on the left side of the scroll.

Certain flowers are usually put

in a certain way in pots.

The incense container must be placed on the right side of the hanging scroll.

don't put a regular incense burner:

but a very small incense stone,

buried in the thin sand.


dance the rules

and get used to it

you will see

everyone dance like this


our movement becomes naturality

noticing the dancers next to you

because we want to create a good atmosphere

to dance together

and dance together

we care about the toes next to each other

not to step on it

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